Morning Sunfall, 11x14 Oil

Morning in our small town of Berryville, Virginia is a wonderful time to walk and enjoy the town. I especially love how the sunlight spills gently across the trees and chimneys and rooftops as it arouses the town from its slumber.
$1,400 Purchase

Fire On Green, 12x12" Oil

I stepped out of my home one evening at dusk and saw a display of color that stopped me in my tracks. I rushed to gather my easel, paints, and canvas to capture the sublime yet magnificent juxtaposition of the bright sky sliding behind the shadows of the evening. Life’s glory and quietude at once. 
$1,900 Purchase

Paris Peace, 11x14" Oil

This cattle farm in Paris, Virginia sits just south of the Ashby Inn. I love the peaceful flow of the rolling pastures, with the Gap Run creek running through it. Cows, sheep and even an ostrich eavesdrop, and I met many passers-by who stopped to chat while enjoying a stroll in the country. 
$1400 Purchase

Tranquil Presence, 12x12" Oil

In the midst of heavy snow and frigid temps, the church's steeple stands firm, as if ever proclaiming its invitation of peace. The quiet of the night's snowfall reminds me of that "still small voice."
$3,100 Purchase

Take Me Out to the Ballgame, 8x10" Oil on Panel

Ever since playing catch in the yard with Dad, I've loved the game. There is just something about the green grass, the crack of the bat and the "smack!" of the ball hitting the glove, the warm summer sun...beautiful. Of all the sports, nothing quite feels so perfect in the hand as a league ball. With a snug ballglove on the other hand, I'm ready for a round of catch with my mom or dad or friends.

Lost Mitten One, 8x6" Oil on Panel

Seeing this mitten in the snow, its owner most likely cozy at home, sipping hot cocoa, warming up before a toasty fire. The mitten speaks "childhood, innocence, goodness." We love the simplicity of childhood.  That's what this painting is about. Enjoy.

Three Chimneys, 8x10" Oil on Panel

I love old buildings for the stories they hold. These three chimneys have released the smoke and conversations from many seasons into the chilly night. I also love the color of sunlight, giving these old chimneys a beauty that is almost regal. 

Pumpkin, 8x10" Oil on Panel

Autumn is: Orange.Leaves. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." 
This isn't the Great Pumpkin, yet it has a regal beauty about it, don't you agree? I painted "Pumpkin" en plein air using a palette knife to achieve beautiful, unblemished color. 
$1,400 Purchase

A New Day, 16x16" Oil on Panel

There is nothing like a new day, mercies anew. I love the sunlight coming over and wrapping its warmth around the chimneys, the juxtaposition of the brilliant morning sky with the buildings still in the night's shadow.
*Earned "Best in Show" at 2015 Waterford Art Invitational!
16x16" Oil on Panel 
$4,600  Purchase

Christmas Sweets, 8x10" Oil on Panel

There are many things that remind us of Christmas, such as delicious chocolates wrapped in gold foil boxes with their green and red ribbons. As exquisite as the outside may be, the real treasure is inside!
8x10" Oil on Panel 
$800  Purchase

Summer Cape, 18x18", Oil on Panel

Summer sunlight inspires me. My heart sings. I love how the sun is partial to nothing,..everything is equally emblazoned with its light. Complicated things become simple. And beautiful. 
18x18" Oil on Panel
$5,800 Purchase

Morning Shenandoah Valley, Appalachian Trail at Bears Den

The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine, rich in history and beauty. 
While painting this stunning vista overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, I met hikers making the 2200 mile trek, each with an entertaining story to tell. 
24x18" Oil on Panel 
$8,700  Purchase


I find great assurance at the shore. Ceaseless energy below, serenity above. In the power I move and breathe and exist. 
16x20" Oil on Panel 
$7,700  Purchase

Latour Peaches, 6x6" Original Oil

This is a small study of Henri Fantin-Latour painting. Fantin-Latour is known for his exquisite still-life paintings, but he painted beautiful portraits that had a wonderful sensitivity about them. Read more about Fantin-Latour.

Autumn Towers, 6x8" Original Oil

I was teaching a plein air painting class one morning here in Berryville when I did this morning sun color study demonstration. The idea in Impressionist painting is to capture the sense of light, or better said, the sense of the time of day. My goal was to paint the bright, warm sunlight on the trees towering over the farmhouse. Studies like these lead to larger more finished works (and more costly, too!).

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In the Shadow of Grace, 5x7" Oil

I was hiking around our little town of Berryville (on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia) and came across Grace Episcopal Church, founded in the early 1800's. From the shdadow of Grace, amongst the grave markers, you can see the back of the parish chapel. I love the play of sunlight and shadow.
10x8" Oil on Panel 
$800 ($900 framed) Purchase

October Candlelight, 10x8" Oil

My wife Kim enjoys candles. After dinner one night I decided to capture the warm light and the holiday tablecloth for a pleasurable, relaxing evening.

Mary's 31 - 10" x 8" Oil

This painting was a birthday gift from friends to their daughter.

Bosc Pair - 8" x 10" Oil

Two friends, at peace side by side.