Peace From My Window, 8x10" $1100

A view from our window. There is a tranquility when your world rests under a thick blanket of snow. Things get simple. And when viewed from the warmth of home, all the more enjoyable. 
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History on Academy Street, 12x16" Oil $2600

I live in a small Mayberry-esque town in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many homes, including ours, were built in the early 1800's, predating the Civil War. There's a lot of history here. I often wonder, as I'm painting, the conversations the old trees heard within the walls of these old homes. I can imagine children playing in the sun, running through the grass just as today.
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Rice & Walnut, 8x10 $1100

I was riding around our small town early one morning and the pristine morning light upon this street looked so beautiful to me. Clean, Fresh, Delightful. I quickly pulled over and set up my easel to capture the joy.
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Josephine Cemetary, 11x14" $2100

This little cemetery lies at the end of Josephine Street in what used to be called Josephine City, a community established in the 1870's by African Americans. The cemetery is the final resting place of soldiers of the Civil War and the Spanish-American War, a spy for Union General Sheridan, as well as many who died enslaved.
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Passing Through, 20x24" Oil $3400

The Red Fox is a common sight here in Virginia. Every now and then you'll see one run across the snow. This one caught my attention- and I apparently caught his. His colors and his beautiful bushy tail are striking against the snow. 
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Special: $3,400 unframed

Bears Den Sunset, Appalachian Trail, 14x11" Oil $2100

The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Main, almost 2200 miles. It passes through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and this view is from Bears Den, Mile 993 from Georgia. The sunsets as you look over the Shenandoah Valley are astounding. I had to paint at a rabid pace to capture the fleeting light.
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Morning Sunfall, 11x14 Oil $2100

Morning in our small town of Berryville, Virginia is a wonderful time to walk and enjoy the town. I especially love how the sunlight spills gently across the trees and chimneys and rooftops as it arouses the town from its slumber.
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Fire On Green, 12x12" Oil $1900

I stepped out of my home one evening at dusk and saw a display of color that stopped me in my tracks. I rushed to gather my easel, paints, and canvas to capture the sublime yet magnificent juxtaposition of the bright sky sliding behind the shadows of the evening. Life’s glory and quietude at once. 
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Fall Harvest, 12x16" Oil $2600

My wife's favorite season is Autumn, and she loves pumpkins, oh, and blackberries, too. I sought to capture the sense of slowdown that comes after a busy, active summer. 
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Paris Peace, 11x14" Oil $2100

This cattle farm in Paris, Virginia sits just south of the Ashby Inn. I love the peaceful flow of the rolling pastures, with the Gap Run creek running through it. Cows, sheep and even an ostrich eavesdrop, and I met many passers-by who stopped to chat while enjoying a stroll in the country. 
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Little Pumpkin, 8x8" Oil $850

Autumn. Fall colors, Leaves everywhere. And of course, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Well, this isn't the Great Pumpkin, but it's the Little Pumpkin in all its glory. I had fun capturing the rich orange against the green grass. A playful play on color! 
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Westlake Vista, 8x10" Oil $1800

If I'm not in Virginia capturing the Blue Ridge, likely you'll find me in southern California painting the mountains. Virginia is blue, California is orange. So opposite, yet so complimentary! I love what the sun does to the SoCal landscape.  
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Ventura Serene, 16x12" Oil $4400

Visiting with good friends in Ventura, California always gives me ample time to paint, and with no end to inspirational subject matter to paint. I have spent many hours along the coast in Ventura. Here I am inches from the shoreline, feeling the spray of the sea crashing against the breakers. The power and the serenity- all at once.  
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Whispering Leaves Steeple, 8x6" Oil $750

Autumn colors are simply splendourous! (Is that a word? No, but certainly you agree it captures autumn's colors!). I like the layers of trees with the church steeple rising in the distance. A simple painting, but bold in its color!
$750 Purchase

Wendy's Paris, 18x24" Oil

This was a commissioned piece for a writer who truly enjoys art. I was taken by the peace evoked by this rural scene in Paris, Virginia. The rolling hills of the Blue Ridge piedmont region is one of the most beautiful places in America.

Norfolk & Western at Berryville, VA, 11x14" $2100

Trains toot their horns as they pass through our town on this old railroad since the mid-1800's. You can hear the sound of the trains rumbling over the tracks, their horn blaring, throughout the town. At first it was loud, but the sound quickly becomes almost reassuring, a reminder of places been and places to go. I painted this on a bright warm morning, and of course had to hold on to my easel as the trains blew past. 
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Avon Peace, 11x14" Oil $2100

Arising early to catch the sunrise over the OBX in Avon, North Carolina, but the clouds wouldn't have it this morning. Instead there was a calm that played out. The waves were restless this morning as the clouds retained their position above, the colors in the distance hinting the sun's eventual arrival. 
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Avon Dunes, 12x16" Oil $2600

Our family loves North Carolina's OBX (Outer Banks). We enjoyed time in Avon, a quiet town (be sure to check out Stu's Donuts for a great start to your day!). I think I enjoy painting dunes and mountain vistas the most. Perhaps it's the simplicity and quiet grandeur.
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Blue Mist, 12x16" Oil $2600

This view is from Skyline Drive, a beautiful path cut through the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia. The views are astounding. I love the layers of one mountaintop after the other. I painted this on an overcast day; it was so peaceful.
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Missing My Friend, 6x6" Oil $1100

Seeing this mitten in the snow, its owner most likely cozy at home, sipping hot cocoa, warming up before a toasty fire. The mitten speaks "childhood, innocence, goodness." We love the simplicity of childhood.  That's what this painting is about. Enjoy.
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