About These Paintings


Timothy Chambers' paintings featured here are a wonderful opportunity to own an original work of art by an established artist. Due to their smaller size, I am able to keep these very affordable so that anyone can enjoy them. They are sold via auction on eBay, with the starting price below $100. These paintings are often preliminary studies for Chambers' larger gallery pieces. 

Each painting in the Nook series is an original, unframed painting created and sold by Timothy Chambers. They are oil on linen and/or panel, ready for framing to beautifully accent your home's cozy nooks. Every now and then we may feature a work done in watercolor, charcoal, or pencil. Medium and size is noted in the title of the work. All materials are archival.

​Many collectors note that these paintings bring peace in the midst of busyness. The colors and vibrant brushwork are refreshing and delightful to take in, and brighten up any room.  

Says Tim: "Joy is an important ingredient in my work. I am always in a good mood when I paint. Life is good! I can't begin to describe the exhilaration I feel when I paint; my brush is a conductor's wand and I move it to capture beautiful melodies of color and movement that make me smile. It's a welcome challenge to get all the notes to play together to create one harmonious piece that are delightful to me and, hopefully, others."  

Timothy's greatest painting influences are his father William Chambers, mentors Cedric Egeli and Joanette Egeli, Henry Hensche also had a profound influence during his studies with him at the Cape School of Art. Timothy also was influenced by the Boston school, having apprenticed with Richard Lack at his studio. Artists Daniel Pinkham, David Leffel, Zhiwei Tu, Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, George Bellows, Frank Benson, Claude Monet, and of course many others too numerous to mention also influence Timothy. "There is always something to learn," he says. 

Bidding starts at less than $100. Timothy Chambers' paintings have sold upwards of $35,000.. 

Thank you for your interest in Timothy's work. You can view more about him on his professional site at timothychambers.com.

Happy bidding! 

Timothy Chambers Studio

p.s. If you do purchase one of my works, I would be delighted to hear how you're enjoying it in your home or office. Drop us a line via email!