Portrait Paintings by Timothy Chambers

I have been painting portraits for over twenty-five years. I have never met a person that wasn't beautiful, and so each portrait is a response to the wonder before me.

My favorite setting for a portrait is outdoors. I love the colors that come to play in nature.

When I paint children's portraits, I am after a look that will transcend time. It's the look that will be there when their mother is sipping tea with them twenty years down the road.

Every good portrait begins with the eyes- both the artist's and the subject's. If the artist's vision isn't driven by his heart, then the best acuity in the world will not save him. As my mentor Joanette Egeli told me, you have to be in love with your subject to truly capture them.

Following are a sample of my portraits. To view more, visit my gallery at timothychambers.com.